Monday, April 7, 2008

Next in Line

Today's sport page in the Daily Toreador is about Eric Morris, one of Billy's former Shallowater students, being the "Next in Line," a breakout receiver for Texas Tech. And tonight when we went to take Addison out for her birthday, the hostess at the restaurant was one of my former students. I was surprised that she can drive now, much less have a job and stay out late. And the hostess at Cracker Barrel, who moves our name up the list, was one of my students. There is another mom at Trinity PDO who just had her second baby, that was one of my former students in Olton. I ordered flowers the other day and the shop owner is guessed it a former student.

This morning I called to talk to the school about Kindergarten Orientation for Clayton. I bet it wasn't too long ago our former students had their parents calling about Kindergarten Orientation...
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