Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Be at Home

What does it mean to be at home? For most of us being at home simply means being in an apartment or house where we usually sleep and where we, once in awhile, eat meals with our family members or watch television. Home for us is mostly an enclosure that protects us from the rest of the world.

I had a bust day at work, running from one meeting to the other, while urgent projects sat uncompleted on my desk. I rushed home in a bit of a fog, made dinner, packed lunches for tomorrow, picked out tomorrows clothes for each family member, cleaned the kitchen...and I sat on the couch and vegged out with my family. Watching "Dancing with the Stars," my kids became little performers, spinning and twirling each other. Their father and I clapped and cheered them on. We had a family night. A night just being at home.

Home is the place where we belong.

There is plenty of room for you in my Father's home. If that weren't so, would I have told you that I'm on my way to get a room ready for you? And if I'm on my way to get your room ready, I'll come back and get you so you can live where I live. John 14:1
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