Saturday, May 3, 2008


Yesterday Billy called the IRS to check on our "Bush Money" and come to find out, we didn't have the whole story. The media didn't tell us that because we used a third party to file our taxes, we can expect our refund/stimulus "on or before the 16th." Not this week like we'd anticipated.

This week I sent an email to several hundred students telling them about the benefits of this program just for them and all it takes it this little sticker to grant them special access. Funny thing, I didn't tell them how to get it.

Today we went to a community outreach event sponsored by a local church. We got a flier in our mail box yesterday. When we pulled up the kids started begging to get in the "bounce-y thing" As soon as the car stopped they darted out and before I could get their little sister out of the car, they were on their way back asking for money. What? This is a fundraiser? After dropping some more cash for lunch at the community event we knew, we didn't have the whole story.

Recently, while at the museum we examined the dinosaur exhibit with our children and Billy and I completely fumbled some of the kids questions about what happened and how long ago and what kinds, where are they now...- Billy was a science teacher. I took Creation Science at Ozark. We didn't remember the story and we're not about to tell them the one recorded on the museums signs. We told them what we remembered, that translated into pre-school.

The Chinese government censors the media. Our own candidates spin the truth so hard it makes you dizzy... Former President Clinton, need I say more? We tell our parents and our bosses - sometimes our friends what they want to hear or what we want them to know.

Calling something a half-truth presupposes that the other half is a lie. Not telling the whole story, with-holding information, slanting information, all of it is concealing some part of the truth.

When is it OK? When is it just being polite?
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