Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthday Cards

I just love birthdays, balloons, parties, cards -all of it. I am so glad that I have little one who love birthdays too. They start taking about their next birthday before the wrapping paper from this one is up off the floor! We've done cowboy parties and Elmo Parties and Veggie Tale Parties, Swim Parties, Tea Parties...I just love it. Color coordinating, thinking of great games and unique party favors. I love celebrating my children and getting to have a party makes it even better.

But getting older has a way of making birthday less cool -a lot less cool. I'm in my mid-thirties - that is a far cry from being able to tell people, I'm 16 or 21 even. There's nothing to gain at 33 years old - no car, no legal status. My sister reminded me that this is how old Jesus was when he died -now that's comforting! This year we had chocolate cake for breakfast in a hotel room in Corpus; then we went to the beach. It was a great day. I really enjoyed it, but there's just something about a real birthday party that's just amazing.

Maybe it's the wonder of being a child that makes it so special. Everything is bigger and better and all about you - you get to make choices on your birthday - where to go, what to it's a gift if I don't have to choose. It's great fun when others plan something for me these days. I love to plan things, don't get me wrong, but inviting your friends to your own birthday party nowadays is just awakard.

But this week I was invited to participate in a marvolous birthday idea. A friend of mine from college sent this message to me Tuesday through facebook

Hey everyone!
My wife Amy Earhart is turning 30 in two weeks and I would love to get as many people to send a birthday card to her. You don’t need to send anything else. I’d love to see if we could get 1,000 cards sent to her, maybe one from every state, or even some different countries, I don’t care tons would be fun though. So, please forward to everyone (BUT AMY) that you know, it doesn’t matter that they don’t know her.

Below is her address. Please send a BIRTHDAY CARD TO:
Amy Earhart
1500 Carolina Dr.
Columbia, MO. 65202

Thank you so much,Chris

If you get a chance send her a card. I've never met Amy, but I bet she's well worth the effort. What fun idea to make getting older more fun.
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