Saturday, March 14, 2009

Princess for a Day

A few months ago I started thinking about what we were going to do for Addison's birthday. I know that sounds odd, but I love birthdays, party planning and ....well, I'm having a baby a week before her actual birthday. I really love - I mean really love planning parties. So much so that that is part of my job - I get paid to plan and host events.

Addison wanted a princess party so we started to talk about it and think about how I could put off a party so close to my due date. I haven't really cleaned my house since I stopped being able to see my toes so I knew that it had to be some where else and I knew that I didn't want to plan games and fun myself since I can't really breathe anymore with the little man sitting on my chest. But I wanted it to really be a birthday party that Addy would remember, no cherish.

I hunted on the Internet for games, thought about printing off color sheets or a role play game... they all made me tired just thinking about it. So I googled "lubbock princess" and I found I asked my husband about it, emailed the princess, chatted it up with some of our friends and booked them to come to Addy's party. Fingers crossed

When I showed her the invitation, she carried it around for weeks - well, more like a month. She asked everyone to read it to her over and over so much so that she had the poem memorized.

Princes and Princesses from across the land,
are gathering for an event that's truly grand!
You are cordially invited to

Addison Medley’s
Royal Birthday Celebration!

For tea and cookies, fun, and
a very special guest surprise!

Please have your carriage arrive at ....

Festivities start on

Royal garb is optional, but would be greatly appreciated by the Birthday Princess

Your presence would truly be an honor!

All kings and queens are welcomed.

I was a little nervous about how it would all come together, especially for a mixed crowd of 3 and 4 year olds. We filled out name tags, oohed and ahhed over the guests that were dressed up, offered crowns and scepters, and did the tea and cookies as the guests arrived - all while waiting for the "very special guest surprise."

The "prince" came in to set up and to announce the arrival of the princess, got all of the children involved using their "outside voices" to yell "Princess!" She made he grand entrance, greeted the children, sang a dream is a wish your heart makes, smiling at the guests and shaking hands. Addison was memorized. She couldn't take her eyes off of the princess.

They proclaimed Addison "Princess for the Day" gave her a crown and a wand. She stuck so close to the princess, she sat with her as they took photos with the princess for each of the guests to take home. All the while the princess remained in character, taking to the children about "her story," and even played princess trivia with them. One of the children said something about her cat adn she reminded them that actually it was step-mothers cat. wow! That's a princess in character.

It was magical. Really, you can blame it on hormones, but it brought tears to my eyes, watching Addy love everything about the day - the guests, the princess, the cookies and tea - everything. She thanked everyone, was absolutly gracious. I was so proud of her - it ws truly an enchanted party.
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