Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Medleys

Going Green and Emailing the Christmas Letter... enjoy!

From the first coin toss of the year, we kept our eye on the end zone, coaching our little players and cheering every play...

We welcomed a new 9lb 7oz rookie to the team in April—Trenton Todd (#4) is fitting into the team quite nicely. His first season will be complete April 6th. Not long after the initial snap at school, I was on the sidelines watching Clayton (#1) go in for a touchdown at kindergarten graduation. This fall he played his first season of flag football. After finishing a stellar 3rd season at Parents Day Out Preston (#2) became a free agent and was picked up by Shallowater’s Pre-Kindergarten in August. In the red zone of summer, Clayton and Preston played baseball - Clayton played on 3 teams! So as not to cause a personal foul, Addison (#3) took a dance class too and mostly stayed in the pocket to avoid being sacked. She also played her first season of soccer on a team with Preston.

Always quick on the return, Billy is always my MVP, running car pool, fixing everything from appliances to boo boos, and keeping the team morale high. Watching the play clock run out on the year, we are thankful for fans who stick with us calling audibles, running out of bounds, intentionally grounding at times.

So here’s to the extra point and another season full of plays worthy of the highlight reel!

Billy and Heather Medley— Clayton, Preston, Addison and Trenton

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