Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Days

The month of May brought great chaos and wonderful memories for our family. May typically brings a change in seasons and in activity. As the month ended so did school.

Trenton has end of the year parties at Community Bible Study and at Parents Dy Out. He is going to miss his friends this summer. I'd be surprised if they recognize each other when they return to school. They will grow and change so much over the summer.

He was quite the trooper as we drug him to games and practices and activities that he was just too small to participate in just yet. He does love "ball base" and has quite an arm on him too!

Addison participated in cheer camp again this year, had an end of the year splash day, and a field trip or two. She absolutely loved going to Pre-K this year and really did quite well.

She also went to Austin with me and was such as big help as we hosted Aunt Heidi's baby shower. After the shower, we went downtown to the Pecan Street Festival where Addison got to ride this life-sized rocking horse. Her favorite part was wearing the cowgirl hat with the feathers and a tiara on top.

Preston is our kindergarten graduate this year. At their graduation ceremony, they announced the child, the parents and then what the child wants to be when they grow up. Preston wants to be a Race Car Driver... others said things like, a ninja, a first grader, and bull fighter. It was nice to laugh, even though we were misty eyed. They just grow up so fast.

Right before graduation, Preston lost his first tooth. He was thrilled and even pulled it himself. Our tooth puller is also quite a ball player. He received two game ball awards from his teeball coach for making great plays.

Clayton's last week of school was full of awards and field trips for good behavior and reading success. He even got to drive go-karts for making the Pony Pride list every six weeks all year long.

His baseball team ended out the season 6-6 and he played positions from catcher to short stop and outfield. The boys on the team sure did learn about baseball and life this season.

We're going to have a third grader next year. I can't belive it. As I type they are all in the boys room for a "sleep over" laughing and just enjoying staying up late and being together. Even though it's late, we so enjoy the sound of their laughter I think that we'll let it continue for awhile.

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