Friday, December 23, 2011

Dollar Store Trays

Trays glued together
  These great trays are made from dollar store finds. We bought silver trays in various shapes, plastic stemware and some glass vases. We already had a hot glue gun, E6000 glue - just in case the hot glue didn't work - and the spray paint.

 The vases used in the middle of the tiers provide more support than the plastic stemware that are sold next to the trays. The blue trays in the photos below are separated by the stemware. It might look cooler but its very unstable.

And really, they look pretty cool before we sprayed them...

Tray Finished 
Doilies could be used to spray pain on designs
We sprayed them and left them to dry for quite awhile.


We used the trays for a 9 year old Angry Birds Party for decorations and cupcakes...

 We glued the pieces together and spray painted them in coordinating colors. It was a great addition ---

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