Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Have to Be the Tooth Fairy!

Getting ready to lay down to go to sleep and I remembered - oh no, I have to be the Tooth Fairy!

When I heard that he pulled his tooth at school, I knew that I'd have to go get change - the tooth fairy is generous, but really. Going to get the change was after dinner and homework and church and picking out tomorrows clothes and showers ....after stopping my snaggled toothed son from just putting the lone tooth under his pillow - no container, no plastic baggie. How would I ever have found that in the dark under the pillow pets and extra blankets?

Anxious to go to sleep, I jumped up to get it over with, grabbed the money and headed for the boys room. Under the glow of the night light, I stopped to look at my boys sleeping and could hear them breathing deeply. I started to think about how it really seemed like just yesterday that I waited at the door on the hour practically to hear the sound of them breathing to make sure that my babies were still fast a sleep - and then I looked, really looked and couldn't tell who was on the top bunk and who was on the bottom. I ran to get my cell phone - it has a flashlight app on it - and as Fairy luck would have it, my tooth was under the pillows on the top bunk. Ladder or desk? How was I going to get up there to retrieve my tooth? I started up the ladder and realized my reach would be better from the desk...

Finally, tooth in hand, cash in place, I started out the door and wondered, who's bright idea was this Tooth Fairy gig any way!?
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