Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Phone Number Bracelets

Getting ready to go to Disneyland, we did several activities to get ready- one of those were our phone number bracelets. Each child got to design their own bracelet. I chose the numbers and lined them up for them. Then they chose the decorative beads to go with them.

Our design features 6mm number beadsmini pony beads and 2mm elastic cord. We chose the thick elastic cord for durability, and the disk shape of the number beads have large enough holes as do the pony beads to accommodate the thicker cord.

As we designed our bracelets, we talked about how important it was going to be to stay together. If we got separated, our rule is to go back to the last place we saw each other. We talked about safe people and about staying calm. 

Our Disney adventure was a huge success!

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