Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy Brings Perspective

Today when I heard about the tragedy in Connecticut, it made the little things I was worried about seem insignificant. I watched as my social media feeds filled with condolences for those affected and like the president during his address to the nation, my eyes filled with tears.

I, like most parents, wanted to drive to school to hug my own children. Knowing that was not the healthiest option, I wrote my children's teachers a email:

Thank you for loving my children as your own while they are in your care. You are my "substitute" a few hours a day and I know that you love my children too. I am so very grateful. So very grateful for each of you and the distinct impact that you’ve each had on the lives of my children, their growth and development as individuals as and citizens of our community.

As I read reports of the news from Connecticut, I wanted to send you a note of thanks and ask you to hug those babies in your rooms today extra tight.

I pray that God bless our teachers and that He hold those teachers and parents from CT His arms today....
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