Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some Things Shouldn't Change, like love and birthday parties

I love birthday parties. I loved planning my parties as a kid. I love planning parties for my kids.  When our kids are invited to other parties,  we don't miss. I love birthday parties.

Parries for my friends have gone from sleep overs, with decorations,  games and cake to nice lunches. For the most part, there is less hoop - la and more heart now.

One of my friends celebrates the anniversary of her 25th birthday.  But she celebrates. The people she cares about get an opportunity to let her know they care for her too.

There is something terrific about celebrating life. A year we'll done... or maybe just a year survived.  A new beginning.

Today I got to celebrate with one of my most special friends for her birthday.  Just lunch. Her beautiful family sat around her as we visited and talked about the adventures of the summer. Every time we're back together,  it's like I only left yesterday. Nothing special and absolutely wonderful all at the same moment.

Celebrating life and friends like that should never change.

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