Friday, March 31, 2006

Starting a Family

After church one Sunday morning Billy called me over to meet people who had invited us to the park where their home group was going to meet. The home group leaders were married, had kids, and just were not in our demographic. She was pregnant and we were barely dating. But Billy assured them we would love to meet them as the park.
We did and it was actually fun. We got the third degree about how we met and where we were from. And Billy, who has never met a stranger was in his element. Chatting with them like old folks at the coffee shop.

A few weeks later we met the home group gang at the leaders home for a game night. Their daughter, still in diapers, decided that Billy was her type of guy. Billy had never been around little kids. Even though he was a teacher, he wasn't sure what to do with her - she was just little. Without warning, she clawled up into his lap. He flashed me a look of distress so I moved his hand around his new little friends back to help brace her on his lap.
She was his shadow the entire evening. He loosened up a bit and she never let him out of her line of vision.
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