Friday, March 31, 2006


As the close of the semester neared with finals and all that brings in addition to the normal holiday stressors, we were weeks away from meeting our second son. I was tired and overwhelmed. I knew that it would be easier to relax the evening away at home, but we were supposed to go to Home Group that night. And Billy was unusually excited about that prospect of getting out.

You never know what the host family has planned for Home Group. At times it is extravagant and at other times its simple, but it is always a blessing to be with our church family. This night we were even suppose to bring a camera for the evenings festivities, just what every pregnant gal wants within reach.

Parking at the house, Billy jumped out of the car and bolted in the house, leaving me in the car to finish my make-up by myself. I knew something was going on. He was just too giddy.

It was a surprise shower for us.

It being our second baby, I never expected any such thing. But knowing our financial situation, it blessed me beyond words. I’m not sure how I managed to open the gifts of love without crying uncontrollably. The people in our home group will never know what that meant to us, to know that others loved our child already, to know we would make it financially after coming home from the hospital, to know that we were accepted.
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