Monday, November 5, 2007

Barbecue and Lukemia

After we had Preston in January of 2006, Jamie and Mickie Spearman brought Barbecue from Abernathy for one of our evening meals. It sort of a tradition in our church to get meals together after a family comes home from the hospital. They just had been to visit Mickie’s parents. It was getting late in the evening when they called to assure us that they were in fact planning on coming over. The Barbecue from Abernathy was legendary, one of their families favorites.

We sat and visited for hours while Jamie played on the floor with Clayton and Mickie snuggled with our little one. They talked warmly about Mickie’s sister who was going to have baby soon and shared with us plans and dreams they had for their own family. It was endearing to watch this young couple love on my children as they talked about the blessings they prayed for. The chill of the January evening blew through that house as they also told us that some of the tests Jamie had taken recently came back abnormal, looking like the beginning stages of leukemia. But they weren't really worries, they were going for more tests.

Before Preston turned nine months old Jamie was gone. Today would have been his birthday.
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