Sunday, January 20, 2008

In the Beginning

I first heard of The Springs Fellowship in 2000 when my roommate at the time, Angie Lundberg, asked if I wanted to try it on Sunday instead of where we usually had attended. Our friend, a former single sister, and our beloved hair stylist, Anicia and her new family had been visiting there for a few weeks, really enjoying it.

When we pulled up to the red barn, I know that I laughed out loud. How Texas can you get? The open mind that I’d been working up all morning was slowly closing. My "formal" church and Bible College background made me skeptical of any thing non-traditional. As we entered and discovered there was not hay on the floor, we settled into what would become "our seats" for the next year.

We were comfortable in those seats, filling them on Sundays, rushing out the back doors with the final amen, content that we had fulfilled out weekly “do not forsake the gathering together of the saints” obligation. After a while, we began hosting a college girls study at our house, connecting and ministering on a weekly basis.

We began to fall in love - in love with the barn and the people in it.
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