Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Deep End

I met my husband on the internet. We talked online for a few hours one Sunday afternoon. I called him on a dare that evening and met him on faith the next day. We’ve been connected since. I had fallen in at the deep end of the dating pool, head over heals for this fish.

Days later I declared that I could not date him unless he attended church. Expecting this to be the end of the spring fling, I prepared to resume life as a single once again. I had never before asked that of someone that I dated. I was never serious about building a long-term relationship. Bringing someone to church signaled far more commitment than I was ever prepared for. For me it would have paralleled surviving a family reunion for an unsuspecting beau.

To my surprise and dismay, Billy agreed and was on time Sunday morning to go to church with my roommates and me. I didn’t know what to expect from the day that lay ahead. But from the moment Billy walked in the door it was like he’d grown up there, with those people. I’d gone to church there for months and didn’t feel like he did when he walked in the doors.
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