Sunday, August 17, 2008

Almost in Stitches

I left for a meeting Saturday night and got a call when I was only about 10 minutes down the road. Preston fell off the zip line at the park behind my mom's house, busted his chin, and was bleeding - he was being tough, didn't cry much and was ready for the next thing.

I suggested that if Billy was in doubt about whether or not he needed stitches, he might want to take Preston to someone who knew for sure.

They went to the Children's Clinic where the doctor held his chin together and a resident put glue on it. Preston was so tough. Clayton was trying to help him stay calm and even got to play with the residence stethoscope.

Later, Preston told Billy that the nurses at the hospital were "hot."

Log this as the Medley's first injury related trip to the ER
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