Monday, August 11, 2008

Easy Watering

When I first saw the cheesy commercial for the glass plant globes, I was curious. They were pretty. It sounded like it would save me time and worry over my plants. I wondered. Then I got my prize in the mail for participating in questionnaires - a Bed, Bath, and Beyond Gift Card.

I walked in the front door and there they were - a set of two for $9. They were mine. So I walked the store with my tired, can we stop shopping now children and then put my water globes on the counter.

I got them home and Billy filled them and put them in the two plants I deemed most worthy of the globes. I checked on them again today and it looks like they both still have some water in the globe. And that's encouraging since i have one been watering - remembering to water - about every two weeks. It's been about 6 days so far.

This is the citrus tree that I asked Billy put put mine in. Notice how drastically different it looks than the plant in their ad at the top....I'll keep it filled and keep waiting for my little tree to grow.

I might get some more for a few of my other most often ignored house plants.
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