Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Photo "System"

I went to a little photo album party last night. A friends daughter came in from Dimmit - yes, that's a real place - to show us how to make the cutest scrapbook out of those little cheap $1 album.s It was a really cute idea. And I like the idea of scrap booking, but ask me how many books- no pages- I have made since Clay was born almost 6 years ago. I have paper and embellishments and kits - and good intentions.

I made an album for my little sister of her 29th birthday party at the park. It's done. It took about an hour and a half and it's done. I still need to journal some more and get some others to do the same, but really it's done and it's cute.

That sprint to the memory making finish line got me to thinking. I used to teach photography. I love my photos. I keep them all catalogued at and I have an album of the disks, but it occurred to me that that is exactly was I hated about my mom's photo "system" - I'm using that word lightly, as it was just one huge box with pictures dumped into it. One weekend I got so tired of it I bought her some photo boxes and tried to organized them. I started with black and white versus color photos and went from there. It just drove me crazy. I could never find anything.

But neither can my kids...unless they can spell, log on and remember my password!

So I've ordered more prints and I have even picked out some paper for a few more albums that I am going to whip up with my new easy scrap booking ideas - mini-books that are low stress.
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