Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Yes

And baby makes six.
It starts out awkward, peeing on a stick and then showing to others, and just keeps getting weirder as 40 weeks inches across your midsection. Sickness. Exhaustion. Your body's not your own. Heartburn. Swollen feet. Bathroom breaks. Bursts of Energy. Rushes of Emotion. Anxiety. You're not yourself. Strangers talk to you and share personal stories. Family gathers around to watch your belly.
This one will be number four at the Medley House. We are joking about calling the baby "Lastin" because it will be the Last one.
Billy is elated. He's probably already called to tell you.
Clayton has decided that the baby can sleep in his room and he thinks that he would like to help "wash it" and "maybe feed it sometimes."
Preston wants a tiny baby. Like mustard seed tiny according to his hand motions.
When I asked Addy where the baby was going to sleep, she said "in a cage." We'll keep an eye on that one for sure.
I'm not sure how I feel now. It's a new adventure - that's for sure. I thought that I was done. Four seems overwhelming at this point, but then again I just took three to Wal-Mart...Wal-Mart can be overwhelming when I'm by myself.
Nevertheless, he we go again!
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