Tuesday, September 23, 2008

God's Economy or We Met the Veggie Tales

Don't you just love God's economy? You give it away and it comes back to you - 10 fold it seems. The Law of Sowing and Reaping. It works.

For example, my little sisters best friend from high school (follow that?) gave me some of her maternity clothes, but I'd loaned her mine at Heidi 's wedding - the weekend we got pregnant with Addison - who knew?

Plus, this weekend she gave us toys, a jumper, and some baby cereal too. Instead of holding onto the entire bag full of unopened cereal for the next 7+ months and trying to find a place to store it, I gave it to the ladies at Parents Day Out where my children go twice a week to use with the kids there, to share with the other parents, etc. As I was walking out the door that morning the lady at the front desk commented that I had ulterior motives - that I knew God would return to me what I gave away.

I do know that!
I got an email this week about a local Christian Radio Station needing volunteers to help with a Veggie Tales Live Event that was in town. I called and told them I could help during the 3PM show, but that I had tickets to bring my kids to the 7PM show. It was a great afternoon. I took photos, passed out free stuff, signed folks up for a drawing....not much different than what I do at my day job really. After the show I rushed to pick up Clayton and we went straight back to the church where the Veggies were so that we could get in the first come first serve line - to get better seats. My mom was going to come about 30 minutes later with the little one and Billy was working on getting over there from taking care of his dad. I was really sort of in a panic hurrying to get the best seats I could. I would have to find 6 all together.
I should have known that the one who loves me best already had it all worked out for me. As Clay and I walked in to give the gals our tickets, the lady I volunteered for earlier that day was standing right there and told me that the seats in the middle of the front row were roped off for us. The best seats in the house! I was amazed. God knew and already had it worked out.
The kids had room to dance and chase bubbles and interact with the characters on stage. It was a truly memorable night. Watching them sing every word to the songs, praising God and being silly was a blessing.
And to make things even sweeter, during intermission they were giving away Meet and Greet passes for after the show to folks who could answer Veggie Trivia Questions. Guess who won? Billy! So we all got to go shake hands and hug on Bob and Larry after the show.
Is my God good, or what?
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