Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Captured

Tonight I took a few random pictures. It was an assignment. Really, it was.
Talking during the mini-scrap booking party, some of the ladies told me about Big Picture Scrapbooking. So I logged on and clicked on free classes almost immediately. Who knew? I was draw to the word "free" - One of the Free classes is called "10 Summer Photos to Take Right NOW"

I was intrigued. How can I take pictures of an entire season now? I taught journalism where you took photos of an event- a moment in time. Your photos told a story. But as I read, I realized what a sweet idea this was - capture your favorite things about summer now while they are out, fresh, current - remember what you love about those summer months all year long.

One of the things on the list of 10 is about favorite summer time food - I took pictures of the garden vegetables that we got from a friends garden and I took a picture of the fridge - look at the sideways picture (it's late and I'm too tired to flip it now) closely and you'll see the fruit bowl under the sippy cup. It's that already cut up mix of really great fruit. My kids love to just chow on that fruit right out of the bowl in the summer. No science experiment fruit to toss a week later at our house. It never has time to go bad!

It was fun to start a dialogue with my kids about things that they liked about summer - food, places, colors, clothing...Addison loves her sunglasses. Although she wears them upside down most of the time that was her first and loudest answer.

Log on. Check it out. Capture your own summer.

Let me know how it goes -
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