Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Medley#4

We had a sonogram this week and Baby Medley#4 is BOY - no doubt about it!

We are so excited - and so are the kids - Addison didn't want to share her room, her stuff or her daddy anyway. The sonongrapher tols us that if he and his wife could have more kids he'd want it to look just like this one - so healthy!

Healthy, but nameless ...We need your help in picking out a name. We had a name if it was a girl, but boy names....we'd had several suggestions but nothing that we've landed on yet. So far, we've just been calling the baby Lastin - because this is the "Last One," the end of the baby train for Momma Medley. It's just a joke. I know that Preston told some of you that was really what we were calling him, but really, just a little joke.

If you have any ideas shoot them our way. To fit with that pattern it just need to be a -ton name like Clayton and Preston. Can't name this one Bob and just tell him that we were too tired -

A few ideas that have been offered already
Heston - like Charleton
Houston - like the city
Jonathan - Preston wants to call him Jo-Jo anyway...
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