Saturday, June 4, 2011

Devil Rays TeeBall Party

Planning an end of season team party is a ball. I tend to think that my children probably won't remember those nights that we spend at home just hanging out quite as vividly as they will the unique experiences that we can create to make memories for them. So for me, planning events is a great joy.

There were more players than games in the season so the 3 families that didn't bring team snacks, chipped in for the party. Then each player contributed $10 for the rental and coaches gift.

The players whole family got to enjoy dinner and swimming for only $10 - that's a great deal!

It makes it even more fun when you have great companies to work with, like La Quinta and Dominoes. The party was held at the La Quinta on Ashmore. We rented a meeting room and had access to the indoor pool for 4 hours and it only cost $50. They were ready for me when I arrive an hour early to set up, had table cloths on the tables and even let me use the ice machine!

They were most helpful and gracious through the whole event.

They really made the event a huge success.

I also called Dominoes Pizza who offered me a great deal, brought the pizza right on time and even brought extra plates, napkins and cheese. The delivery driver was gracious and set everything out for us, arranged by topping.

We picked up some cupcakes, drinks, and a gift card for the coach at United. I added some cupcake toppers and a little emblishment to the water bottles that I just printed from the PartyBlog, just for extra fun.

The pool and the pizza were certainly the highlights of the party.

As a great ending to the party, one of the team moms, brought these adorable baseball themed buckets filled with Big League Chewing Gum and other great candy. We made some new friends and some great memories. The party was a grand slam!

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