Tuesday, April 24, 2007

An Ode to the Coggins

It takes a special couple

To have twenty-five years accrued

And take the time to have their vows

Lovingly renewed.

It speaks of deep commitment

And dedication at this stage

To the vows Dave and Janie, both had spoken

That have strengthened so with age.

To make these promises yet again

Who wouldn't be prepared

When you look back on this amazing life

That you've already shared.

You met as blissful, young sweethearts

He couldn't resist her beauty

She couldn't resist his cool.

It took a lot of strength and love

To raise children of your own

Teaching the boys to know the Lord above;
easy to say now that they're grown.

Oh, what a great adventure!

Moments that your family shared

Helped make a household strong.

Your time and effort to praise the Lord
was quite successful bid

Your care for us all, some since we were young

Translates just perfectly

To our Savior providing you each other for all years

Your strength, love, and honesty

Your common love of laughter

Are what make you the perfect pair

That all should be modeled after.

So as you both renew your vows

Know that you're our inspiration

So hurry up and kiss the bride again

So we can start the celebration!
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