Friday, April 27, 2007

The Changed Woman

If you were to hear me imitating American Idol Love Songs in the shower every morning,

you'd knowhow much you have changed my life.

If you were to see me stride across the park, pushing the stroller,waving to strangers,

then you would knowI am a changed woman—

like Cinderella awakened from her bad dreams

feeling feather-light in glass slippers, angel-happy,

laughing the firstof a long line of bright laughs—"Let me see if it will not fit me!"

It is changed.

Me, who felt short-changed.

Because of you I no longer hate my body.

Because of you I buy pretty clothes.

Because of you I'm a warrior of joy and prayer. Because of you and me.

Drop bythis Saturday morning and discover me fiercely picking up toys gladly,

dedicated as a mother three times over.

Drop by on Sunday—I'll let you pile in the mini-van

on it's scheduled route to church, no sweat.

I'll greet enemies with a smile; offering absolution without ties.

It's all because of you.

Because of you and me, I've become one changed woman.

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