Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ice Cream Date

Yesterday we went out to eat. One of Clayton's friends from his class was there and when she saw him she yelled out his name. They talked a little bit, surprised to see each other outside of school - like 5 years old do. Their family sat at a booth a few tables over from us so the kids continued to talk - loudly over the other tables between us. "What did you get to eat?" "My mom got fish! yucky, huh!"

We redirected and concentrated on eating. But when he was finished asked to be excused. Got down and went to asked her mom if she could go with us to get the free ice cream after meal. I helped them get their ice cream cones and we walked back to our part of the restaurant. The two of them choose to sit at their own booth together - just the two of them.

They talked and laughed while I visited with her family. They got embarrassed because we were talking about them - it was too cute not to. It was their first boy/girl "thing."

When they were almost finished she decided that it was time for Clayton to meet her family. She quizzed her mom about how old she was and where she worked. And told Clayton all about her big sister, who is almost finished with high school, is 17 and will be going to college soon - in another year.

Both kids will be going to different schools next year for kindergarten. They don't want to loose touch. So at their prompting, I called her mothers' cell phone so that she could save our number and we could plan a play date for the two of them.

He's only 5, but he has his fathers charm!
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