Sunday, May 25, 2008

End of the Year Teacher Gift

We all know how busy teachers are, especially at the end of the year with report cards, programs, and packing up classrooms for the summer. So as the homeroom mom, I dediced that we are going to save them some time. As a "recovering teacher" I know that this will be a much appreciated gift, plus it's free! (We are blowing the rest of tour party fund on a huge inflatable bouncer for the party.)

We are making a Teacher Cookbook! The students will each have a page with their picture and recipe on it. I told the parents that I need a quick time saving family favorite recipe, or two or three from each child. This letter went out Thursday, and out usual "paperwork day" is Tuesday...better late than never right? But I need them all by Tuesday, so I called on the parents on Saturday morning, just to make sure. When I get the pictures and recipes, then I'll print the pages and put it in book form with round metal hoops. Not too much trouble for a mom of 3 under 6 years with a full time job!

1. Bring gift cards to local eateries. The teacher loved the cards she got for her birthday! I’ll put something on the cabinet for us to attach them to or put them in –
2. Last Christmas, I made several batches of our family's secret recipe for cinnamon rolls in disposable cook-and-serve trays with lids. I put the icing in a Ziploc bag on top of the rolls, wrapped a large bow around the tray, and enclosed a card with instructions for heating. I also wrote that they could request one additional batch at any time in the future. The teachers later told me they began their Christmas with my family in mind and the rolls in their stomachs.
3. My best gift was actually for the end of the year when teachers are extra busy but it would work for any season. I prepared a full meal in foil baking dishes complete with entree, veggie, salad, homebaked bread, and even a bottle of wine. At the teacher's convenience, I delivered the meal to her home with directions on baking time. She was thrilled to have one less meal to worry about preparing for her family during such a busy time.
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