Monday, May 26, 2008

When I Grow Up

Last night while we were waiting for an instant movie to load, Clayton declared that when he "gets big" he is going to live in Austin in an apartment. (My sister and brother in law live in an apartment in Austin.) Well, hearing that Preston declared that he too would live in Austin - in a hotel! So the conversation progressed with Clayton telling us that we could visit any time and that when we came we could all go swimming at Preston's hotel.

I started tearing up at the thought of packing my bags to go visit my babies. Clayton's only 5; I know this, but still!

As I was bemoaning our empty nest in my mind, Billy asked Addison where she'd like to live when she grows up. She though for awhile. Put her thinking finger to her chin, smiled a little crooked smile, and said "Tikki's house, with Dranny and Dramps."

What she doesn't know is that when she is 18 Tikki will be almost 80 and that leaves my grandparents to be like 100 something!

But what pure admiration. We'd just been to Austin to visit Heidi at Mother's Day. I don't remember the last time that Addy's been to Tikki's house without Granny and Gramps being there. I am so thankful that even though they are already thinking about moving out, they love their family so much they want to be near them even after they "get big."
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