Monday, November 24, 2008

Last Week was a Month Long

Monday was our 7 year anniversary. we are used to being busy, it's true. Seven years and our oldest is 6. We are expecting our 4th - we are used to being busy.

Monday...well, we should start with last Friday because that is the day that Preston had his tonsils out. Makes for a long weekend. But we went to the movies to keep everyone entertained and we played game at home. Sunday, Preston looked at us like we were crazy when we asked him if he'd just like to stay at home and cuddle. "No, it's church day," he said. So we went. Then we had a small group meal together that night.

Monday Billy ran to the office, we got Clay off to school, Addy to Parents Day Out and with Preston in tow, I caught up to Billy for a "romantic" Anniversary Breakfast - can anything be romantic over grits, really? Billy dropped Preston off with my grandparents, recently back in the States from a European Cruise down the Danube for their anniversary and I rushed to the OBY/GN office for our sonogram appointment.

Billy got there a few minutes before we were called back and as I was laying there trying to look an images of our new little one, Billy and the sonographer talk shop - science, genetics, game boys even. Guess if you talk to chicks all day you make the most of a conversation with a man anytime you can.

After we learned that #4 is a boy and realized we better get to thinking of some boy names, Billy head out to El Paso for the week and I went to love on my Preston, look at my grandmothers trip photos and eat chicken nuggets with my granddad.

That night we got a last minute call to come eat with my ex-uncle, I guess that what he is. So I ate enchiladas, tried to help Preston find something he could eat, corral Addison and chat with Clay about his day and visit with my family. Billy went to Outback Steakhouse in El Paso by himself - how romantic - what an anniversary!

The week went on with pain medication every 4 hours -and all night long too - an antibiotic twice a day...and Popsicles and new bunk beds and laundry and dishes and homework....

Thursday we had a luncheon at work. I was running about an hour late that morning. Couldn't get a hold of Billy. I was bringing a side dish and a turkey. I forgot the turkey at home and had to go back to get it. On the way I got a call from George, Billy's boss.

"Billy's fine," he starts...
no, he's not or you would be calling me, I'm thinking. And a million horrible things run through my head. I knew we didn't have enough life insurance!
"There's been a car accident."
Ha, I knew he wasn't fine. And even if he is, he's not going to be!

I still couldn't get a hold of him. I called Ann at the church to ask our church family to pray. I didn't know much about what had happened, but I know prayer works. When I did get a hold of Billy he was on the way to the ER and told me the car was totaled. Someone pulled out in front of him. They t-boned. Air bags went off. He was sick to his stomach. Shoulders hurt. I was too far away. Helpless.

I told a few people, a few emailed after they got the prayer request via email, but I really couldn't talk about it. The possibilities were just too real. All the what if's crowded my thoughts. I cried at my desk hoping no one came in my office. But I didn't want to leave. What else would I do all day? At least I was occupied.

Before we could even talk about options, George sent someone down to help Billy so that they could finish the job and then come back to Lubbock together. Finish the job? I want him home now!

Finally when Billy walked through the door on Friday night, anniversary grits and sleepless nights of tonsil medicines didn't seem to be that big of a deal anymore. He was home and that was ok.
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